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Author Topic: WAW: How to add the Pack A Punch see quote to your map  (Read 4005 times)


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WAW: How to add the Pack A Punch see quote to your map
« on: September 11, 2016, 01:13:51 AM »
This is a tutorial showing you how to add the pack a punch see quotes to your map just like you see in WAW DLC 3 Der Riese.  I wondered how they did this for a while but I never bothered to look in the dlc3_teleporter.gsc to see if it was in there.  A few months back I took a look in there because I wanted to add that to Town of the Dead because I thought it was really cool how they added that in Der Riese.  Anyways lets get on to the tutorial.

Add a trigger to your map covering a place where you want it to trigger the quote for example a good place for this would be near a door where you can see the pack a punch in sight.

Next give it the same KVPS as I do.

Compile your map and test it in game and go to the same place as your placed that trigger and it should work.  If you found this tutorial useful then you can credit me but you don't have to because its just WAW scripts that was used. :)