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Author Topic: Dead Ship  (Read 8817 times)


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Dead Ship
« on: October 02, 2014, 04:53:53 PM »
Dead Ship

Small | Large

A Pirate Ship


- Special Minigame designed by Quizz
- Multi Pack a Punch - (This will also refill your current PAP gun ammo)
- Buyable Ending - After earning it
- Many custom sounds (Turn everything UP)
- One "Trap" -- Captains Curse

Special Thanks
Quizz: Quizz mod and hours of transferring and tweaking to make work for Dead Ship. Mini Game.
Nukem: Trapdoor and Menu/Music help
CoDMapper: Map Pieces / Script help
TomBMX: Buried zombie models / All his wonderful tools
YaPhil: Scripts used in the Quizz Mod

Zebba, YodaJdiMstr, Nukem, Quizz, TomBMX, Vek70r