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Author Topic: Black Ops 3 Style dr. Monty's in waw  (Read 4258 times)


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Black Ops 3 Style dr. Monty's in waw
« on: November 24, 2017, 08:26:20 PM »
me  ;D

if you use this or my method in anyway please give proper credit
it took me awhile to get the .menu file to communicate with GSC this way
and track what button your mouse is on in gsc  & more

I was making this for my map and decided to make a public release of it with every gobblegum in it
I like to get someone that actually has the whole machine ingame to share their files with me so I can Implement my system into theirs I'm just doing the factory and the gobblegum selection as close to Black Ops 3 so I can get it

all mega  & normal gum added

Small | Large

ingame gum meter
Small | Large