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Scripting / Any possibility of a campaign modding script language?
« Last post by jackneeson on June 06, 2018, 06:10:36 AM »

Is it possible for a future game to allow modders to experiment with more complicated campaigns? For example, it might be fun to have advanced sieges, more variable foraging and skirmishing between armies in a single region, and minor factions. Units could require different resources (ie, manpower, elite troops, gold).  A script language would include operations similar to the following. I realize that this is a pretty ambitious request, but with tools like those modders can create some fairly ambitious strategic games.Parse units, Parse provinces, Parse armies,Get/set unit info Get/set province info, Override function that determines if an army retreats, and if so what casualties it sustains, Override function that determines if provinces fall to an occupying army, Place new armies, Create new faction properties.

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Modding / Mod issues when syncing across computers using Steam
« Last post by jackneeson on June 06, 2018, 06:04:41 AM »

I play the Seablock Pack with a couple extra mods (including long reach) and am having a few issues when switching computers. Steam cloud sync automatically syncs the saves between my computers. I've made sure to sync both computers to the same mods and both are up to date. I'm having two issues: First, every time I switch computers Long-Reach distances are reduced, but when I check settings they still read 4000 distance. If I hit "apply" without changing anything it doesn't fix it. I have to change them to something else like 4001 and hit apply to get long-reach to work again. The second issues is both computers have different values for some of the research amounts. Solar Panels Technology on one computer cost 250 Red/250 Green and on the other computer cost 500 Red/500 Green. I assume these problems are both somehow related to mod configs, which is why I'm just making a single post. Any ideas what is causing this and how to fix this?

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General Discussion / bad image quality with Kantan Mapper
« Last post by jackneeson on June 06, 2018, 05:59:55 AM »

I am working on a projection mapping project with 3 projectors at 1280x800 resolution each, projecting on 3 walls that are at different angles, correcting the image to appear to span across all 3 walls from a single perspective point. I am taking 4k footage and rendering the 3 separate videos using AfterEffects, and then loading them in TD and using Kantan to map to the wall surfaces.The problem is that the resulting image is very low quality, in comparison to the rendered footage. It looks like the comparison between an aliased and anti-aliased image. On a 1280x800 projector, this results in a pretty horrible image quality. I have the Kantan resolution set to 3840 x 800 and I'm using the Matrox TripleHead2Go for output. (However, I can see the image quality distortion quite clearly when displaying the output on my workstation screen (3840 x 2160)).

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Tool Support / MW2 not working with Lemon
« Last post by FzBr.d4rk on May 27, 2018, 05:09:30 PM »
Scripting / Re: Making a working elevator?
« Last post by joshs1982 on May 16, 2018, 07:19:05 PM »
It's been a while but i'm trying again. Here is what I have so far for main script. Can anyone tell me if I'm in the rite direction. I made a line level.elevUp=true;
Would that even work? I assume what ever I make up for the main is what the rest functions off of, I know thats probably wrong though.
Heres what I got for main.

Code: [Select]
  for(i=0; i<switchTOP.size; i++)
   switchTOP[i] thread elev_think();
Tool Support / Tom Xanim Import
« Last post by sanyihun1923 on May 09, 2018, 02:54:24 PM »
Hello I have problem I use Maya 2012 x64 3d weapon model and aniamtion export but import is not work good how to fix?

first picture First anim import:

Second Picture Import options:
Three Picture new anim Import and  Not work good:

how to fix please help me!
Tool Support / Re: Having trouble installing Toms Tanim Maya Plugins
« Last post by joshs1982 on May 08, 2018, 03:40:04 AM »
Tom ive tried all of the above and still nothing, do you have any suggestions? This is what error i get.

// Error: The specified module could not be found.
 (Tom_xAnim_8.5) //
// Error: Unable to dynamically load : C:/Program Files (x86)/Activision/Call of Duty - World at War/bin/maya/Maya8_Plugins/Tom_xAnim_8.5.mll
The specified module could not be found.
Tool Support / Ghosts Pak Exporter is Not Working
« Last post by BioAftermath on May 02, 2018, 12:52:45 AM »
If I try to extract an imagepak file using Tom's Ghosts Pak Exporter tool, when it opens the "pakExporter.exe" it instantly gives me the pop up that says it stopped working, and I can't do anything about it. I tried putting the folder in the Ghosts game directory and all of the 2 exes and other folders loose in the game directory. I tried running the windows trouble shooter but it if I was missing something like .NET Framework or a version of Direct X it would tell me and download the files for me. I get nothing with the exporter. I really want to get some image files from Ghosts, I've used this tool years ago but it just doesn't work for me right now, can't understand why. Can anyone please help?
Tool Updates / Re: Lime64
« Last post by joshs1982 on May 01, 2018, 06:43:50 PM »
Sorry guys, it was my antivirus. I fixed it.
Tool Updates / Re: Lime64
« Last post by joshs1982 on May 01, 2018, 06:36:29 PM »
I downloaded the new Lime64 and now my pc won't even run it. It comes under processes in task manager but says 0 activity. I run as admin also. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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