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Mod W.I.P / [WIP] BO2 Weapons Mod for BO1 Zombies
« on: January 16, 2015, 06:36:27 AM »
I announced this on Twitter awhile ago but due to lack of motivation to work in COD I never made much progress. Started work again this week so thought it might be time for a WIP. I will keep this updated as progress is made.
The COD4 gun mod was more a test to see how many weapons could be replaced without error. This mod will be more polished.
This mod will replace weapons in all Black Ops 1 Zombie maps except Ascension (don't own the DLC) and for obvious reasons Dead Ops Arcade, with weapons from Black Ops 2. Weapons will have specular maps for the extra detail unlike the COD4 weapons. The weapons will use their original sounds from Black Ops 2, or as many as can be added without hitting the sound limit, but hopefully that won't happen. The weapons will be fully animated. This includes empty and dolphin dive animations since they are supported in Black Ops. Weapons will also use their original stats from BO2.
If the weapon is in Black Ops 2 already such as Galil or FAL, it will most likely not be replaced. This is so I can replace as many weapons as possible before hitting the 128 weapon assets limit. Some maps can have more weapons replaced than other maps so a full list of weapons that will be added isn't really available until I get further into development.
Weapons that are finished:
~M1927 Thompson
~Wind Staff

Planned Weapons:
~Skorpion Evo
~Remington 870
~Remington New Model Army
~Ice Staff

Possibly more depending on how much room there is. Keep in mind every upgraded version of a gun is another weapon asset toward the limit. So unfortunately, not as much room as you might think.

Small | Large

Tom-BMX - For Lemon and Lime
Rollonmath42 - His tutorial for modding Black Ops Zombies and also letting me use his wind staff sounds when mine wouldn't convert properly to Black Ops.

Special thanks to ShotgunRagtime for gifting me the Escalation and Annihilation DLC so this and other mods could be supported on those DLC.

Animating / Modelling / MW2 anim help
« on: December 11, 2014, 12:46:10 AM »
I'm having some trouble with the animations for MW2.
In game
Small | Large

For the animated model I selected all meshes and joints with select heiarchy then exported xmodel. I've also tried selecting all joints and a single mesh.
For every anim except the ads anims I am selecting tag_torso to tag_cambone and then selecting heiarchy and exporting.
For the ads anims I have tried selected tag_view tag_ads and tag_torso (shown in video)
tag_view and tag_torso
tag_view and tag_ads
tag_ads and tag_torso
All of these have come up with the gun too far back and to the left at different variations.

Being my first attempt at a MW2/Infinity Ward weapon, I have no idea if I'm doing this correctly.
I suspect I'm either doing something wrong in the ads anims, which is likely, or in the animated model. But it could be anything. I'm not quite an expert with maya.
Also note I have been on heavy pain killers for the past week so if I'm missing something obvious it won't come as a surprise.

Animating / Modelling / Port BO2 gun to COD4 help
« on: October 29, 2014, 09:28:31 PM »
All the other weapons I have tried have been fine, but this one gives me issues.
In maya, it looks fine.

But in game it's not right.

I know it's not the model as I did get someone who has done the weapon before to send me their xanims to test with the model and it worked perfectly fine with their anims. I could use their anims but I'm trying to learn to do this myself so that would get me no where.
I'm doing everything the same as the last weapon I ported to COD4 from BO2 so not really sure what is wrong since the last weapon worked fine.

I join the weapon to the rig then select all joints and meshes and export it as the animated model.
Load the tanim. Select tag torso to cambone then select the heiarchy and export the anim.
Then I convert the anim in asset manager

I've also tried doing the animated model as all joints and one mesh as suggested but this did not work.
So any clues as to what the problem is?

Animating / Modelling / AN94 magazine problem
« on: August 20, 2014, 07:05:51 PM »
I'm trying to port the AN94 and everything works perfectly up to the point of converting the model. I'm assuming it is because the magazine isn't originally part of the model.

The material it is looking for doesn't exist in the gdt generated by lime and neither does anything close to it. In maya everything looks fine. I'm very new to maya so I do not know how to do materials and that and I've been unable to find a fix for this on my own.

Some more pictures if they help idk what information all is needed for this. http://gyazo.com/1bbcde46bfbafcc813bdddd86c2680ca

Map W.I.P / [WIP] Backlot
« on: June 04, 2014, 03:12:04 AM »
COD4 is my favorite Call of Duty game when it comes to multiplayer. The game just feels balanced more than any other COD. Looking at the map Backlot, I thought it would look really nice redone into World at War as Backlot 1942, so I started doing just that as a side project nearing the end of development of SOG (don't worry I have other original projects going on as well, just thought this would be fun). I'm undecided if I will make it into multiplayer as well which is why I'm using mostly WaW models right now. I have decided there will be 2 versions of this map in zombies though. The UGX Mod 1.1 version when it is released, and also my version. I think being a multiplayer map to begin with, it will fit very well into the new game modes of UGX Mod 1.1.

My version will feature:
~The return of the challenge/reward system from SOG, but this time they will be vital to your survival and progression through the map.
~4 Original perks. Solo Quick Revive and Double Tap 2.0. Stamin-up, PHD. An unamed perk that will increase melee damage. Dagger Daiquiri?
~Weapon locker system similar to that of Extinction in Ghosts. Gonna port a key model later since WaW doesn't have one, but for now they are flashlights.
Small | Large

~Modern Weapons
Spoiler :
Model 1887
Benelli M1014
Winchester 1200
Desert Eagle
PP90M1 Bizon
Cheytac M2100 Intervention
~Pack a Punch, but this time it will appear in a whole new way.
~Aliens Rounds
~Nova Crawlers? We'll see. I have the models, just going to need help implementing them. Anyone?
~Verrukt Character Voices
~Defeatable Ending
~Anything else I think of during development. This should be a fun map with plenty of original ideas once I'm done with it. Open to suggestions.

Released Projects / SOG
« on: May 24, 2014, 02:52:21 AM »
Release 1.0

Small | Large

A medium sized map with options for both play styles of running trains or camping in one room for zombies to funnel through. Use the custom arsenal of modern weapons to slay the undead and maybe even the extra terrestrial? Both casual and experienced players will enjoy this map. No major easter eggs that have you spending an hour looking for parts. Just you, your gun, and the zombies. The choice to either see how long you survive or end the game is up to you. Hope you all enjoy :)

~Modern Weapons
~Challenge & Reward System
~Defeatable Ending
~Double Tap 2.0
~Staminup, PHD, and Deadshot
~BO2 Zombie Models
~Custom Perk Shaders
~Custom Powerup FX
~Swazzy Hud
~Changed FOV to 80

Treyarch - Mod Tools, Models
Infinity Ward - Models
Yaph1l - Scripting Help, Type Writer Intro.
The Zombie Don - Scripting Help.
Azyru - Custom Perk Shaders
Swazzy - HUD
deper63923 - Powerup FX
losangeles26 - Verrukt Sprinters Tut
bamskater33 - Black Ops Perks
JBird632 - Fragmentaion Grenade Swap Tut
Tom_bmx - Xmodel Tools
Bluntstuffy - Rigged Alien Models
Nukem - Mapping Help
zombie_mo - Play Tester
Zebba - Play Tester
QueenxWolf - Play Tester

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