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User Tutorials / WAW: How to add the Pack A Punch see quote to your map
« on: September 11, 2016, 01:13:51 AM »
This is a tutorial showing you how to add the pack a punch see quotes to your map just like you see in WAW DLC 3 Der Riese.  I wondered how they did this for a while but I never bothered to look in the dlc3_teleporter.gsc to see if it was in there.  A few months back I took a look in there because I wanted to add that to Town of the Dead because I thought it was really cool how they added that in Der Riese.  Anyways lets get on to the tutorial.

Add a trigger to your map covering a place where you want it to trigger the quote for example a good place for this would be near a door where you can see the pack a punch in sight.

Next give it the same KVPS as I do.

Compile your map and test it in game and go to the same place as your placed that trigger and it should work.  If you found this tutorial useful then you can credit me but you don't have to because its just WAW scripts that was used. :)

User Tutorials / WAW: Hurt & Reloading & Melee sounds for the players
« on: September 11, 2016, 12:38:17 AM »
I made these scripts myself about 5 months ago for my map Town of the Dead but because that map is done and I don't think I have a used for them anymore I decided to release the scripts for the community to add to their own maps.  When you add these scripts to your map it will make it so that the players will play a sound each time they reload like "RELOADING!!!!",  When they get hit by a zombie or take damage of any kind they will make a sound similar to "ARR".  And they will also make a grunt sound when they melee. 

Follow each step very carefully or else you will get errors.

First step: Find the line in zombiemode.gsc that's called
Code: [Select]
Second step: Next go a few lines down till you find this line.
Code: [Select]
self thread player_zombie_breadcrumb();
Third step: After you find that line paste in this line:

If you want the reloading quotes add this line:
Code: [Select]
self thread player_reload();
If you want the melee quotes add this line:
Code: [Select]
self thread player_melee();
Four step: Go all the way to the bottem of your zombiemode.gsc and paste the following code depending on which ones you pasted above.

For player reloads
Code: [Select]
self endon( "disconnect" );
self endon( "death" );

self waittill( "reload_start" );
wpn = self getCurrentWeapon();
if( !isDefined( wpn ) || wpn == "" ) //List the weapons you don't want them to say vox when reloading.
if( level.player_is_speaking != 1 )
sound = maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index( self );
level.player_is_speaking = 1;
self playsound( "plr_" + sound + "_vox_gen_reload_0" );
wait 1.5;
level.player_is_speaking = 0;
wait 0.3;
wait 5; //Cool down time (Change this if you want them to say it less)

For player melee
Code: [Select]
self endon( "disconnect" );
self endon( "death" );

if( self MeleeButtonPressed())
if( level.player_is_speaking != 1 )
r = randomIntRange( 1, 7 );
sound = maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index( self );
level.player_is_speaking = 1;
self playsound( "plr_" + sound + "_vox_gen_exert_" + r );
wait 1;
level.player_is_speaking = 0;
wait 1;

Now you have fully installed melee & reloading quotes into your map hopefully without any errors.

Next if you want may want the grunt sounds played from the player for that its pretty simple all you need to do is follow the steps below.

First step find the line in zombiemode.gsc:
Code: [Select]
eAttacker notify( "hit_player" );That should be in
Code: [Select]
Second step: below that paste in below that.
Code: [Select]
if( level.player_is_speaking != 1 )
soundnum = maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index(self);
ran = randomintrange(0, 5);
self playsound( "plr_" + soundnum + "_vox_gen_pain_" + ran );

Then that's it! You have fully followed all steps you need to know to install the player quotes into your map.  If you found this useful be sure & you add it to your map be sure to add the following credits:

-Partisan Executioner

The sounds that play are cut qutoes from Call of Duty: World At War so there are no raw assets.  Thank you for looking at this topic :)

Released Projects / Town of the Dead v1.1
« on: July 03, 2016, 07:26:18 PM »

I have been working on this map for over two years now and after all that time the map is final done and released.  This map I started working on after my most famous map bridge and since then I have took small breaks and came back to release the map.  I have try to work very hard in order to find all the bugs in the map because I wanted the map bug free but if you find any bugs feel free to send me a PM telling me when the bug happened and take a picture and I'll take a look into it.  The map is also very large and lots to look for throughout the map so keep your eye out.  Also big credit goes to my good friend jzob who kept asking me to finish this map so I did.

Credits of the map
Spoiler :
Big thanks to the people below for the help with the map

Biggest thanks to Tom_Bmx/WinCat for (Lime & Lemon and all his other helpful tools)
Jzob123 (Big help around, Some guns, Sounds, Ideas, Beta Tester)
Real big thanks to Partisan Executioner (More then 95% of the custom weapon sounds, Ideas, Beta Tester)
ClaytonM456 (Scirpts)
Redspace200 (Custom Scripts, Beta Tester)
Offthewall (Vulture Aid, Dual Wields)
ProxFtw (Custom Scripts)
Arceus (Beta Tester, Scripts)
Radimax (Mapping)
YaPh1l (Scirpts)
DidUknowiPwn (New COD: WAW launcher, MW3 Hud, Textures/Models)
JiffyNoodles (Beta Tester)
ASTR0 (Gfx)
Idogftw (Beta tester)
JBird632 (HD Mystery Box)
Bwc66930 (Beta Tester, Purple Square)
Hitman (Bo1 paused menu)
RayZ (PPSH-41 Custom)
GEARS228 (Ideas)
Mitsurugi (Guns)
Tf3dm.com (Models)
Turbosquid.com (Models)
Treyarch (Models, Sounds, Guns, Custom Textures)
IW/Infinity Ward (Models, Sounds, Guns, Custom Textures)
Capcom (Models)
Chromastone10 (One of the many guns)
Valve (Models, Sounds)

If you don't see your name in the credits and you believed you should be credited then send me a private message. :)

Anyone else who was a beta tester and not on this list might have tried the map during alpha.

Features of the map
Over 125 fully ported custom guns (With custom reload sounds and fire sounds)
Custom guns from other games besides Call of Duty
Call of Duty 2: gun
Call of Duty: Black ops guns
Call of Duty: MW2 guns
Call of Duty: MW3 guns
A custom wonder weapon (As seen in Undead Hospital)
WAW Guns
Call of Duty:  Black ops 1 perks
Call of Duty:  Black ops 2 perks
Boss zombies
Thundergun from black ops 1
Detailed map
FOV Slider (Options & Controls/Game Options then change the slider that says FOV)
Fullbright (Options & Controls/Game Options and change the setting called "Fullbright" mostly only used for lowend PC)

Pictures & Videos

Small | Large

Hope you enjoy the map :)
If you find any bugs let me know.

If the map is not working read me!
Spoiler :
When I launch the map it looks like that (Credit to ricko0z for the image)

Try this turn your spec maps off,  If that does not work set your settings to high. (Mostly happens on windows 10 users)

Animating / Modelling / Fov on custom anims looks weird
« on: April 16, 2016, 06:02:31 AM »
Hi I just animated the a91 from battlefied 3 and it looks really weird in game from maya here is how it
In Game

In Maya 2015

The anims work just fine but the fov looks really weird  :-X
Any help would be a big help :)

Mapping / When linker_pc is compiling the .ffs get this error
« on: August 05, 2015, 06:40:36 PM »
At the end of the compile when linker_pc is trying to build the .ffs I get this error does anyone have any ideas or some fixes?  :P

Code: [Select]
Linker summary:

There were 0 warnings and 2 errors.

  Z_Malloc: failed to allocate 171780296 bytes
Arguments passed to linker:
  -nopause -language english -moddir zombie_totd zombie_totd


Thanks :)

Map W.I.P / Parking Garage
« on: March 18, 2015, 09:59:51 PM »
Hi guys,  I have been working on this map for about a day or two now I came up with this idea from a left 4 dead 2 map that I played.  Note this is not the finally version and I still have tons of mapping work too do then guns if you have any questions about the map or anything you don't like about the map post below but so far theirs not much too show because most the of the is in caulk texture and the lighting needs work. :( Also a fast side note this was the first compile of the map  :P

Credits of the map
Tom_Bmx (Lemon, Lime,  Error Help)
P0rkRoyalz (Some xanims)
Nikolai Belinski (A big help around)

Tell me what you think  ;D :D

Released Projects / UnDead Hospital v1.0
« on: December 31, 2014, 06:55:49 AM »

I have been working on this map for about 1-2 months now.  Been working my hardest on my map due to my last map not the best map ever.  All guns have close to the weapon files that was in the games the guns came from.  All guns have sounds reload sounds fire sounds etc... Most guns use custom sounds that i made my self.  Any feedback or comments on the map then post down below or any bug you find in the map :)

Credits of the map
Spoiler :
Tom_Bmx (Lemon, Lime,  Error Help)
P0rkRoyalz (Some xanims)
Chromastone10 (Custom guns, Help with random stuff)
Nikolai Belinski (A big help around)
PROXFTW (Easter egg and other scripts)
Jzob123 (Some guns,  Help wtih a lot of random stuff)
jei9363 (Bo1 Perks scripts use my own models tho)
Redspace200 (Help with learning how to script and Thundergun)
Tito (Some guns, And help full guy)
Nukem (Help with some errors in town of the dead that i use in this map)
ASTR0 (Loadscreen)
Rollonmath42 (Titan fall smg)
Elfenliedtopfan5 (Help)
Sanya (MW2 Player models)

Beta testers
Spoiler :
Nikolai Belinski

Pictures of the map

Hope you all enjoy the map!

Map W.I.P / Zm_hospital
« on: November 27, 2014, 10:08:05 PM »
Hello  ;D

This is a little side project apart from Town Of The Dead this map is for Christmas  ;D ;D

Here is one picture the name of the map will change by the end of the relsese on the 25th of December  8)

I would also say a big thanks to WinCat/Tom_Bmx For all his tools and hard work :)

Credits (Of the map so far)
Scripting help or scripts - YaPh1l, Redspace200, Offthewall,  ProxFTW, Claytom
Maping help - redspace200, MrBlue192
Other help - Jzob123, Tom_bmx/WinCat, Pork, Nikolai Belinski, tito,  Gears228,  All of CFGFactory members, johndoe

Mapping / Game stops working on load
« on: November 11, 2014, 04:51:18 PM »
Hey every time i add one new thing to my map if its one model in radiant or a new weapon file etc and when i go to launch my map the game stops working right before you see the white line as the load line.  And i am getting really frustrated over this so any help would be appreciated  ;D And i type into logfile 2 here what the end of the console.txt had to say.

Code: [Select]
BinkOpen failed on C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\main\video\zombie_town_load.bik because: Error opening file.
BinkOpen failed on C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\raw\video\zombie_town_load.bik because: Error opening file.
R_Cinematic_BinkOpen 'zombie_town_load' failed: BinkOpen: Error opening file.; trying default.
Unloaded fastfile ui
PMem_Free( ui, 0 )
Loading fastfile localized_zombie_town
Database: Assets Sync Started
WARNING: Could not find zone 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\zone\english\localized_zombie_town.ff'
Database: Assets Sync Finished
Loading fastfile zombie_town_patch
Database: Assets Sync Started
Loading fastfile 'zombie_town_patch'
used 1.63 MB memory in DB alloc
Database: Assets Sync Finished
Loading fastfile zombie_town
      dvar set ui_controllerPulled -1
      dvar set ui_pendingControllerPullEvent -1
      dvar set nextmap map_restart
      dvar set cl_paused 0
Loading fastfile 'zombie_town'
Error: Need 52239 more bytes of 'main' physical ram for alloc to succeed
Out of memory: filename 'C:\cod5\cod\codsrc\src\universal\physicalmemory.cpp', line 966

Size of my mod

Scripting / FOV Slider
« on: September 08, 2014, 02:41:28 PM »
Hey,  i know i have to edit options_graphics_pc.menu but i am not sure what to add to add a fov so i could change the fov in my map could someone help me with this?  :-\

Released Projects / Bridge V1.6
« on: May 21, 2014, 06:44:58 PM »
    Bridge V1.6

    Hello this map i have been working on for sometime now 2 Month, Here are some screen shots of the map. Also just a NOTE this is my first map.

    features of the map

    2 Sided ending, One side is cost more but its longer and better.
    13 perks
    Some Easter eggs
    Thompson on the wall
    Dr Dagger
    Wonderfizz, Scirpt by myself and Offthewall
    Bo2 bank
    Deadshot give you more gun damage
    all the perks have songs
    3 egg radios

    (features of the map made by Redspace200)

    Tombstone - Only works with more then one player like BO2
    Who's who
    Vulture aid
    And some fun boss zombies
    Bo2 weapon storage (That keeps your weapon forever)

    Story of the map
    Right at the end of WW2, The war was Almost over and zombie started to come all over the world this is where it end? You need to find a way out of here and get to land

    NOTE: Please don't take scripts me/my friends have put a lot of time into the scirpt to make this map cool SO please don't take scripts

    Credits Of the map
    Scripting help or scripts - YaPh1l, Redspace200, Offthewall, ZK
    Maping help - Jzob123, redspace200, MrBlue192, ZK YT tut's
    Other help - Jzob123, MrThomas, Tom_bmx, Echo000, Pork, Nikolai Belinski

    Map W.I.P / Town Of The Dead
    « on: May 21, 2014, 01:41:39 AM »
      Download Link: http://undeadmodding.com/index.php?topic=726.msg4755#msg4755

      Pictures & Videos


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