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creds offthewall

been asked several times when I'm going to make this tutorials I went ahead and did it
this tutorial covers how to auto rig a character or ai model or use a already rigged character from Maximo 100% free

this is the original way I was doing my models before I found out I can get the Bones from Xenoverse
and got help from offthewall

things you will need

maya with codtools
Adobe account its free  // to log in here with and use auto rig 100% free with  Adobe account
on this site      https://www.mixamo.com/#/

just follow my video tutorial and my files are included

Small | Large

my files

do not leave any of my animations in if you use my files
you may get an error for not having them wen building your map

how to play World model aka third person animation through GSC
self playeranimscriptevent( "event name " );   // event name not anime

if you run into any problems I'll be more than happy to help just PM me or comment here

Map W.I.P / DragonBall Z Zombies 10/2/2017 ssj4 full Fusion
« on: December 25, 2015, 07:26:57 AM »
offthewall /scripting and rigging goku and more
Harry Bo21 /allways there to help and help me on using fx ed to make kamehameha
HitmanVere /allways there to help  help me with where to look to make my hud right and more
jei9363 / helped me fix my zombie boss script
redspace200/script help

Im AllMoDs i have worked on this map for 70 days or so

some guns charge like the 1 in this vid the fx on the kamehameha have bin changed  look in vids and pics it is blue and the vox is not the same its just best vid to show the charge att
Small | Large

vid with new vox and fx

Small | Large

my youtube with all vids on the making of this map

Spoiler :

Spoiler :
Small | Large

Small | Large

Small | Large
still have lots of work to do

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